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Genesian Theatre Company Inc.

This organisation is not a service of the Archdiocese of Sydney. Please direct any query to the organisation directly.

Description The Genesian Theatre Company celebrates its 55th Anniversary in August 1999. The theatre was formed in 1944 and took its name from Saint Genesius, the patron saint of actors. Over the years to Genesian Theatre Company has developed into a community theatre group providing a training ground for young actors and workplace for established members. Many of today's well know artists gained their early experience on this stage: Judi Farr, Tony Ward, John Bell, Peter Carroll, Angela Punch-McGregor, Bryan Brown, Tony Murphy, Julie McGregor, Sarah Chadwick and Christopher Stollery to name but a few. With six plays a year, this unique theatre is continually busy with plenty of opportunity to be involved in community theatre both on and off the stage.
Website http://www.genesiantheatre.com.au