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Veech Library (Catholic Institute of Sydney)

This organisation is a service of the Archdiocese of Sydney.


The mission of the Veech Library is to support the objectives of the Catholic Institute of Sydney through service to the teaching and research needs of the faculty staff and students. It also seeks to serve the wider Christian community and others in order to clarify and make the Gospel message relevant in our age.

History and background of the collection
The foundational collection of the Veech Library goes back to Australia¹s early colonial history. John Bede Polding, first Catholic Archbishop of Sydney saw the urgent need of a library. With books brought back from his various journeys all over Europe, the first Catholic library was set up at the original St. Mary¹s Cathedral site. Transferred to Lyndhurst, the Benedictine seminary and school in Glebe, and subsequently to St. John¹s College, University of Sydney, the growing collection arrived at St. Patrick¹s Seminary, Manly in 1888. From here the library expanded mainly through purchase and bequests of its professors and other clergy. In 1996 the Catholic Institute of Sydney and its library were transferred to their present location in Strathfield after the closure of St. Patrick¹s.
While the early collections were formed largely as a result of gifts by clergy and prominent lay people, a more systematic acquisitions policy has been pursued since the 1960s. With older collections reflecting developments and trends typical of Catholic theology and with a strong continental and Irish background, more recent acquisitions represent the interests and concerns of a contemporary theological faculty in dialogue with the burning questions of our day. Its strengths now lie in a fine continuum of theological literature and its philosophical underpinnings and in a variety of specialisations.
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