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Our Values & Ethics

The Archdiocese of Sydney is dedicated to its mission of spreading the Gospel through word and good works.

As an employer of people involved in this mission, we consciously strive to promote an environment that is fair and just, and one that incorporates Catholic Social Teaching in its workplace relations.

Similarly, our employees are encouraged to maintain a balance rights and responsibilities in the workplace by acting in good faith and with diligence in the performance of their work.

For information relating to our Community involvement, please visit our Justice & Solidarity office.

The Archdiocese of Sydney also has in place a Guide for Business Practice to ensure it will not knowingly enter into any relationships with any organisation that may participate in unethical behaviour.

Working for the Sydney Archdiocese

The Archdiocese of Sydney is a faith community actively engaged in good works. The Archdiocese, its Agencies and Parishes employs many people across a diverse range of services including education, pastoral ministry, social welfare, aged care, vocations, marriage, family & life, youth ministry and many others.

From time to time, opportunities become available to work in these areas of the Archdiocese. The nature of roles are usually full time, part time or casual, and in the area of administration, chaplaincy, pastoral ministry, secretarial, accounting & financial services, youth ministry, teaching & support, media & communications and leadership.

Most of these opportunities are advertised on the Archdiocese’s official online job vacancy website, Catholic Jobs Online.

Please see current jobs available in the Archdiocese of Sydney.

For the most current employment opportunities in the Archdiocese, and how the application process works, please also visit Catholic Jobs Online.

Employment opportunities offered by some of the services or associations located in the Archdiocese may also be advertised on their local website. Please check for opportunities in their respective areas.

Our team
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