Our Parishes

Parishes Survey 2017

Dear friends,

As part of the process to develop the Pastoral Plan for our Archdiocese, a survey was conducted during January to March this year. People across the Archdiocese were invited to participate and provide input on their parish experience, on parish priorities and ways in which Parishes might more closely collaborate to grow and strengthen communities. Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey.  We have received thousands of responses, and  are grateful for the valuable input which will help shape the planning process. 

If we had to sum up the survey results in a sentence, it would be this: you love your parish, you are enthusiastic about your parish faith experience, you feel that you are a part of parish life and ministry, but there is room for improvement in a number of areas.

The survey results have been organised into Deanery reports, which provides a collective view from the Parishes of that particular area of the Archdiocese.   Individual Parish reports are nearing completion, and will also be made available on the map below when they have been completed.

The survey results provided, do not include your many comments, but the Parish 2020 Working Group is aware of every comment made, and have taken them into consideration.

The next phase of consultation will take the shape of Deanery focus groups, and use of  other internet based engagement tools.   Thank you to the many hundreds of people who have indicated they wish to participate in this consultation. You will be contacted with further information soon. If you would like to be involved, please be in touch parish2020@sydneycatholic.org

We hope you will take some time to review the results and that doing so will make you want to become even more involved in the life of your parish.

Please select below map to view you Deanery / Parish Survey Reports

Deanery 1 A - Western Deanery
Deanery 2 A - South West Deanery
Deanery 3 A - Central Deanery
Deanery 4 B - Concord Deanery
Deanery 5 B - Northern Deanery
Deanery 6 B - City Deanery
Deanery 7 C - Eastern Deanery
Deanery 8 C - St George Deanery
Deanery 9 C - Sutherland Deanery