Parish 2020

Parish 2020

Building Vital Faith Communities


"Parish 2020 is entrusted with the tasks of hearing our priests, lay leaders and people with a view to renewing the pastoral plan;  bringing the best demographic and planning expertise to bear upon the distribution of our deaneries, parishes, schools and agencies; reduce silos and promoting greater collaboration between parishes in shared activities, resources and planning for the future, and between parishes, schools, agencies and chancery;  ensuring our parishes are sustainable and that they receive the best possible support going forward; all with the goals of the new evangelisation and better pastoral care."
Archbishop Fisher – Address at Clergy Forum – 23 April 2015

'Parish 2020' is a response to the call for a New Evangelisation; a call to mission. 'Parish 2020' aims to renew and strengthen parishes for our future, and provide the best possible support to clergy and parish communities in living out our missionary call in ever more vibrant and creative ways.

The Catholic Church in Sydney has been blessed with tremendous support spanning nearly 200 years and this faithful support from current and previous generations has built up over 140 churches and helped countless people come to know and love God.

Today, we acknowledge that not all of our parishes continue to be as vibrant as they once were. The older parishes of Sydney were of course established when everyone walked to church and we had more priests than positions vacant. Nowadays we have the luxury of many churches, Masses and priests vying for the same population in some areas, while other areas have too few.

As serious followers of Christ, we cannot allow this situation to continue, or become the norm. Our parishes are changing and will need to continue to change in order to be true centres for evangelisation and mission.

We are faced with an opportunity to better use and share our limited resources to develop an authentic approach to parish ministry in the 21st century.

Refer to the Parish 2020 Q&A below to view more information and a timeline for taking Parish 2020 forward in the Archdiocese of Sydney.

Please direct any questions to or phone (02) 9390 5233.

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