Katrina Lee,
16 Apr 2014

That a man named Jesus of Nazareth was crucified and rose from the dead is an amazing fact,amongst many amazing facts. But what makes this particular fact so important for the world? The feast of Easter celebrates Christ's resurrection not simply because it happened, but because it has permanently transformed our world for the good. Christ's death and resurrection has brought an immense value to our humanity, and shown us how we may best live our lives.

Christians believe in the death and resurrection of Christ the Son of God not because it is convenient or consoling, but because it is true. God, the Creator of the world, took on our humanity - he became one of us - so as to save us from self-destruction. When Jesus rose from the dead he proved beyond doubt that love and life are stronger than evil and death.

Christian believers are privileged servants of humanity, called to bathe our world in Christ's risen light. We are not to do this according to our own ways, which inevitably lead to a dimming of this light. Sadly, this is what happens when Christian leaders, like me, fail in their care of the most vulnerable.

It is when we live our lives bathed in the light of Easter that the great works of the Church can shine forth. Works of family support; of social care; of educating our young; of offering a healing balm; of living in trust, simplicity, and faithfulness. These Easter gifts are what make a real and lasting difference in our communities, even if they are not the stories on the nightly news.

We Christians aim to be humble servants of the risen Lord and witnesses to his light: we strive to respect each and every life; we seek to help those living at the extremes of society; we desire to reconcile and to forgive; we are people committed to truth, justice, mercy and healing. These are the good things that flow from the cross of Jesus Christ; these are the things that will bring immense value to our lives; these are the things that make a real difference in our world.

God gave us the gift of his Son's resurrection so that every person may shine out with his light. Easter invites us to carry the flame of Christ's light to our family, friends and communities, and out into the world. The valleys of darkness, in which so many people find themselves, have been bathed in a new light of hope.

Christ is the flame of hope; hope for the world that can never be extinguished, and God invites each one of us to play our part in fanning this hope into a fire. The death and resurrection of Jesus is not just an amazing fact; it has made all the difference in the world.

Happy Easter to you all.