Katrina Lee,
11 Jul 2014

  • More than one hundred couples will celebrate over 2000 years of marriage at St Mary's Cathedral this Sunday 13 July. The couples and their families will celebrate their anniversaries and renew their marriage vows.
  • Now in its fourth year, the annual public Renewal of Vows Mass at the Cathedral has experienced significant increases every year in the number of couples wishing to attend and celebrate their marriage.
  • All couples are given a small gift on the day as a memento of the renewal of their vows and in acknowledgement of their selfless, life-giving and faithful married love.
  • For those married couples celebrating their 50th, 55th, 60th and 65th marriage anniversaries, Bishop Peter A. Comensoli, Apostolic Administrator, will present them with a certificate to commemorate their special occasion.
  • Pauline and Vincenzo Olivieri will be celebrating their 60th marriage anniversary in August and are attending the Mass in thanks for the blessings on their married life. "We thought it would be a nice thing to do before our 60th anniversary and an opportunity to give thanks to God for his blessings, the gift of children and for helping keep everything together over all these years," says Pauline. "We take the vows we made when we married very seriously and we have worked hard to make our marriage work."
  • Couples who have married recently will also be well represented on the day with the "golden couples" providing an inspiring example to the newlyweds.
  • Chris Meney, Director of the Life, Marriage and Family Centre which coordinates the annual event, stressed how important it is to celebrate marriage and honour the ongoing commitment of married couples. "These public celebrations remind us all of the importance of marriage and family and the great joy that it brings for so many," said Mr Meney, who will renew his own vows with his wife Mary Clare.

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