Pope's Angelus: A Church Without Nuns is Unthinkable!

Catholic Communications, Sydney Archdiocese,
4 Feb 2014

The rain came down hard during Sunday's Angelus. The Pope of course took notice of all the thousands of people hanging on tight to their umbrellas.

"You're getting wet out there in Square! You're all very brave."

Reflecting on the World Day for Consecrated Life, the Pope emphasized just how special nuns are for the Church and for society. He described them as the leaven that carries the message of Christ.

"What would happen if there were no nuns? No nuns in hospitals, in missions, in charitable institutions, in schools… Can you even imagine a Church without nuns…? No, it is unthinkable!

It's a message he highlighted by reminding everyone that 2015 will be dedicated to the Year of Consecrated Life.

Since Sunday marked the 'Day for Life' in Italy, the Pope thanked those who promote the defense of life in all its stages. This year's theme is 'Generating the Future.'

"In every  single child we see the face of God, a love for life. They are a gift for families and for society."

The Pope also asked for prayers so that young people considering a consecrated life, will follow their vocation.