Marriage & Family

Marriage & Family

Motherhood and fatherhood are a gift of God, but to accept the gift, to be astounded by its beauty and to make it shine in society, this is your task. Each of your children is a unique creature that will never be duplicated in the history of humanity. When one understands this, or that God wanted each one, we are astounded by how great a miracle a child is!

You, children and young people, are the fruit of the tree that is the family: you are good fruit when the tree has deep roots – your grandparents – and a strong trunk – your parents. Jesus said that every sound tree bears good fruit but every bad tree bears evil fruit (cf. 7:17). The great human family is like a forest, where sound trees bear solidarity, communion, trust, support, security, happy sobriety, friendship.

Pope Francis, to the National Numerous Family Association - 28 December 2014

The marriage-based family is not a community founded on sentiments - important as emotions are in drawing and holding us together and inclining our personalities and actions in particular directions. Marriage is not so much about feelings as about gift: it is the place where self-donation is lived and learned, where men and women find themselves and their happiness in a sincere gift of self despite their "irreconcilable differences."

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP, Returning to Jesus Christ: How the Gospel Addresses a Culture that has Forgotten How to Love, 23 October 2014