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Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney Guide For Business Practice

Working with the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney
A business partner or supplier of the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney (the Archdiocese) is one of a limited number of organisations identified for their unique contribution of products and services, and for their support of the many community based programs conducted by the Archdiocese and its agencies.

The Archdiocese welcomes the involvement of business organisations and individuals whose commercial activities are consistent with the teaching of the Catholic Church and who share our commitment to good ethical standards and social responsibility.
The Archdiocese is committed to transparent operating systems to ensure it is conducting business in an ethical manner. Business partners and suppliers of the Archdiocese are asked to confirm their agreement with the Archdiocese’s Guide for Business Practice and their commitment to work within it.

Guide for Business Practice
The Sydney Archdiocese supports the following principles for ethical business practice.

As a business partner or supplier of the Archdiocese you will be associated with a local community network of 138 parishes, serving almost 600,000 Catholics. It is not expected that partners and suppliers will share Catholic beliefs and teachings on every occasion, but it is important that they appreciate the values of the Catholic community and do not conduct business in a way which:

  • is clearly inconsistent with the moral or social teaching of the Catholic Church;
  • seeks to promote or benefit from products or practices which are harmful or destructive;
  • is unethical or socially irresponsible in the light of the social teaching of the Catholic Church teaching or best business ethics practice.

This requirement extends to the conduct of other businesses associated with partners and suppliers. It may also apply to past business practice where a partner or supplier continues to endorse historic practices or conduct which contradict these principles.

The Archdiocese values its business partners and suppliers, and will publicly acknowledge their involvement in the work of the Church and in service to the wider community. In turn, partners and suppliers should be comfortable with the association of their name and brand with the Catholic Church and the Archdiocese.

Ethical Investment Policy
The Archdiocese has in place an Ethical Investment Policy which identifies specific organisations and limits with whom funds can be invested.  This Policy is followed to ensure that the Archdiocese will not knowingly invest in any organisation which would be considered "unethical".

The Catholic Archdicoese of Sydney Guide for Business Practice
It is important that the conduct of business by a partner or supplier does nothing which may damage the reputation of the Catholic Church or the Archdiocese. If this issue arises, the Archdiocese may need to publicly disassociate itself from the partner or supplier concerned. The Archdiocese will discuss matters going to the reputation of the Church or the Archdiocese with the partner or supplier concerned before making any such decision.

Business partners and suppliers agree to inform the Archdiocese at the earliest opportunity of any issue or development which might adversely affect their reputation or image, attract negative media or public attention, or have serious legal implications.

Business partners and suppliers of the Archdiocese should use their best endeavours to disclose any business or professional activities or involvements which may be considered unethical, socially irresponsible, or contrary to Catholic social teaching.
In particular, business partners and suppliers should disclose any business activities or involvements which are contrary to the fundamental commitments shared by Catholics to:

  • Protect the dignity of every individual.
  • Avoid activities which are harmful to people or socially or environmentally destructive.
  • Defend human rights, including the right to life and the rights to freedom of religion and conscience.
  • Respect the law and promote justice and fairness, particularly in the workplace and in business dealings.
  • Strengthen and protect marriage, families, and communities.
  • Foster responsible and life-giving values, especially among young people.

The Business Manager of the Archdiocese is responsible for business partnerships and the application of the Guide for Business Practice, which may be amended from time to time.

For any questions concerning business partnerships and the Guide for Business Practice, please contact:
Emma McDonald, Strategic Partnerships Director

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