24 Hours for the Lord

9-10 March 2018


What is 24 hours for the Lord?

Pope Francis has again invited the universal Church to participate in 24 hours for the Lord; offering Reconciliation in the context of Adoration on the weekend leading up to the 4th Sunday of Lent. This year it occurs on Fri 9 to Sat 10 March and the universal theme comes from the words of Psalm 130:4, "With you is found forgiveness".

Please click on the buttons below for some simple resources to help structure the hours of prayer at your parish, including downloadable recordings and printable reflections on merciful encounters with Jesus in the Gospels plus psalms and parables with the theme of mercy.

If you would like us to advertise your parish’s event, please send the details (include the times, venue, Confession availability, and any other devotions that may be planned during the time) via email to or call us on 9307 8477.

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Examination of Conscience
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Woman@Well Quenched

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Zaccheus Welcomed

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Bartimaeus Healed

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Peter Forgiven

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Psalm 25

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