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Vicar Apostolic of New Holland 1834-1842; Archbishop of Sydney 1842-1877

Born on 18 Nov 1794, Liverpool in England in the parish of Liverpool. (Liverpool Diocese)

He was educated at Benedictine Convent Woolton, and Much (now Stanbrook, near Liverpool); Downside, and attended Seminary at Downside Abbey. He was ordained on 04 Mar 1819, Old Hall College by Bishop Poynter and incardinated in the Benedictines. He was elected as Bishop on 12 May 1834 as Titular Bishop of Hiero-Caesarea.

He was consecrated (ordained as Bishop) on 29 Jun 1834 in Golden Square London by Bishop Bramston (Consecrating Bishop) of the Diocese of Titular Bishop of Usula; Vicar Apostolic of London. He was assisted by Bishop Thomas Griffiths, the Titular Bishop of Olena, and Bishop Etienne Rouchouze, the Titular Bishop of Nilopolis, V. Ap. of Eastern Oceania.

He was subsequently translated (moved) as Bishop of Sydney 5 April 1842; Archbishop of Sydney 10 April 1842.

He retired on 10 January 1874, to Sacred Heart Presbytery, Darlinghurst.

He died on 16 Mar 1877, Sacred Heart Presbytery Darlinghurst, and is buried in Petersham Cemetery; exhumed 1946; re-interred in the Crypt St Mary's Cathedral. “His remains were transferred to St Mary's Cathedral 17 Mar 1901” (and were near the altar of Irish saints until 1946).

During his lifetime, he was Novice Master 1824; Secretary-General 0SB; Parish Priest Downside 1826. He was Titular Bishop of Hiero-Caesarea; Vicar Apostolic of New Holland and Van Diemen's Land.

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