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Patrick Francis Cardinal Moran

Cardinal Priest of Santa Susanna
3rd Archbishop of Sydney (1884-1911)

Cardinal MoranPatrick Francis Moran was born at Leiglinbridge, Ireland on 17 September 1830 to Patrick Moran and Alicia Cullen.

After attending the Irish College, Rome from age 12, he was ordained on 19 March 1853 in Rome by Archbishop Antonio Luigi-Bussi.

He served on the Staff of the Irish College, Rome as Vice-Rector from 1856.

He was Professor of Hebrew at Propaganda Fide College, Rome and the Private Secretary to Cardinal Paul Cullen, Dublin from 1866.

He was elected Bishop of Alba In Partibus Infidelium and coadjutor cum jure successionis of Ossory, Ireland, on 22 December 1871. Consecrated on 5 March 1872 by Cardinal Cullen at the Pro-Cathedral Dublin. Succeeded to Ossory on 11 August 1872.

Promoted to the Archdiocese of Sydney on 14 March 1884.

Created Cardinal Priest on 27 July 1885 of the title of St Susanna.

Cardinal Moran was a prolific writer of histories, including Persecutions of Irish Catholics, Church and Social Progress, History of the Catholic Church in Australasia, Reunion of Christendom, Capital and Labour, Mission of the Catholic Church, The Anglican Reformation, Catholics and Irishmen among many others.

Cardinal Moran died on 15 August 1911.


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